Our Missionaries

  • The Abrman family

    Missionaries to Slovakia

    Our formal ministry training took place under the leadership of Pastor Dr. John Gross at North Park Baptist Church, Humble, Texas in 1995-1999. DuringSeptember 1998-May 1999 I attended Baptist Bible College in Springfield, MO.

    Before sending to mission field in 1999, my wife Zorka and I have organized youth camps and retreats in Slovakia between 1992 and 1999, usually twice a year.

    Currently, our ministry includes overseeing church activities such as Sunday services, preaching and teaching, summer camps, weekend youth retreats, Bible seminars. Both of us are extensively involved in personal counseling, mostly teenagers, young adults and young married couples. For the last 10 years, Zorka has organized week-long ladies camps and weekend ladies conferences, each once a year.

  • The Alok Family

    missionaries to India

    Alok and his wife Bandana, have been married 12 years and have a 9-1/2 yr-old daughter, Niki. Alok, who is Assamese, was raised Buddhist and his wife, a Nepali, was Hindu. Their backgrounds prepared them very well for the their ministry. Alok has a great burden to reach the Bhutia Buddhist of Sikkim, India and the country of Bhutan, with a strategic eye for the borders of China. Bandana is very involved in children's ministry. Together they form a great team reaching adults and children for Christ. Through their ministry many people are coming to Christ and being discipled.

  • The alvarez family

    missionaries to uruguay

    Esteban and Emily Alvarez were approved as Career BBFI Missionaries to Uruguay in September 2012. They both graduated from Baptist Bible College in Springfield, MO with a Bachelors degree in Missions; Esteban graduating in 2012 and Emily graduating in 1999. They served their internship at Springfield Bilingual Baptist Ministries in Springfield, MO. Seminole Baptist Temple in Springfield, MO is their sending church. Esteban and Emily have three sons.

  • the ballinger family

    missionaries to mongolia

    Chris and Stephanie Ballinger have been serving in Mongolia since 2007. They served in the nation's capital for 6 years, helping a church to get on its feet, as well as started a youth center and Manna feeding center. They are currently serving among the Darkhad, which is an unreached people group, in the central northern part of the country. They are helping a church to become national led, and helping other national pastors to start churches in unreached villages. 

  • the bell family

    missionaries to England

    “We are Joshua and Ashley Bell and our family is currently on deputation preparing for the field of London, England. We got married in 2001 and have three children: Evan (12), Audrey (10) & Daphne (3). We both grew up in Arkansas and our sending church is First Baptist Church of Vilonia, AR. Ashley graduated from Ouachita Baptist University with a degree in Christian Education and Joshua graduated from Leavell College of the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary with a degree in Music and Christian Education. We love the church and have the pleasure to serve in different ministry positions over the past two decades. Our kids love to play disc golf, video games and go skating. Our passion is for the city of London and we hope to arrive there by the end of the year."

  • The brewer family

    president of world help

    Vernon’s visionary leadership fuels the creation and development of every facet of World Help. He travels extensively year round to oversee our strategic projects overseas, invest in the growth of partners, and personally introduce donors to the needs of impoverished communities around the world. Vernon is also a renowned speaker on college campuses, churches, and conference venues nationwide. In his free time, you can find him at the ball field with his wife, Patty, cheering on their grandsons.

  • The buxton family

    missionaries to the philippines

    The Buxtons have been serving in the Philippines since 2010. The focus of their ministry is church planting. They are also involved in Baptist Bible College Asia and founded a gospel illusion ministry, Honest Deceiver Ministries, in 2008. They have two boys, Reece and Levi.

  • The Hunter family

    missionaries to South africa

    The Hunters were both raised in homes that loved the Lord. Blake in Virginia and Megan in Texas. Blake began to develope a love for South Africa and Missions in general from an early age and Megan fell in love with the country after a visit there during her time in college. Bland and Megan met at Baptist Bible College in Springfield, MO, were married, and were then hired to serve as missionary interns at Fatih Baptist Church in Osterville, MA in 2014. They were approved as missionaries to South Africa in 2016 for the BBFI and officially moved there in October of 2018. They joined our missions family in January of 2018. The Hunters have two beautiful children... Kynlee and Desmond. 

  • the kennedy family

    missionaries to Nicaragua

    Max & Jennifer Kennedy are missionaries to Nicaragua committed to church planting. They have been on the field since August 2017 in the town of Estelí, Nicaragua. Their goal is to plant a new Church in the downtown of Estelí and have begun building a “Launch Team” of nationals. So far they have hosted 4 meetings for anyone who is interested in helping start the church and have seen 26 people come to Christ so far! The last meeting was the week before Christmas and they were blessed to host 81 people in their home/church! The goal is to launch monthly services in March and then officially launch “Santuario Estelí “ on August 5, 2018 with at least 100 people! Max & Jennifer are seasoned ministers who pastored in Texas for 23 years before God called them to become career church planting missionaries in Nicaragua. They have hosted over 500 people in mission trips to Nicaragua and would love for the people of Family Fellowship to come help them plant more churches in the future!

  • the kumar family

    missionaries to india

    The Kumars graduated from Bible College in 2008 and were commissioned as co-workers in 2010. They arrived in India in the summer of 2012 and begun their work with the Oriya Hindus; specifically the “untouchables.” They hit the ground running and realized that God had opened doors to work with the indigenous Saora Tribe as well. Orissa is the first state in India to implement anti-conversion laws and they are strictly enforced. However, their efforts have led to starting house churches. Six church planters have been trained which includes a fully functional house group with the indigenous Khond tribe. A project for 30 children is being operated with the intention of reaching the respective villages.

  • The Lusa Family

    Missionaries to slovania

    David and Malea Lusa have been serving in Slovenia since 2016. They were married in 2010. They both graduated from Baptist Bible College in Springfield, MO with a Bachelors degree in Intercultural Studies. They are sent out of David's home church, Lighthouse Baptist Church in St. Lous, MO. David is actually half Slovene and his Dad was born there. through this, God called David back to his own people, and Malea's heart was also broken, as less than 1% of the population truly understands who Jesus is. Their goal is to plant local churches led by the nationals. The first church has been started and future leadership is being trained.

  • the greg lyons family

    missionaries to the philippines

    Greg and LuAnn Lyons have been missionaries for nearly 30 years in Metro Manila, Philippines. Primarily church planters, God has opened doors for multiples ministries, including starting 15 new churches, international Evangelistic Youth camps, A Bible College with 13 campuses, and missionaries sent from the Philippines. The Lyons have 6 children, of which four of them are missionaries, serving along side them in Manila.  

  • the luke lyons family

    missionaries to the philippines

    Luke and Kelly both grew up as missionary kids. Both spent their early years growing up in a mega city. After graduating college with a degree in Biblical Studies and Church Administration, Luke and Kelly were married and Luke began working for a large 529 investment company then moved to become a real estate broker, all along having a heart for what was happening globally for missions. 

    In the summer of 2010 Luke, Kelly, and their eldest son Scott moved to the Philippines, and Everett was born in the Philippines in 2012. Luke is now a church planter and coach in Manila, one of the largest megacities in the world. He enjoys a good game of golf and the whole family enjoys exploring and photographing the Philippines and new places in S.E. Asia., 

  • the mathew family

    missionaries to india

    Mathew and Crista were introduced to each other in 1997 at a conference in Rajasthan, India and married 12 days later.Ten years later, in 2007, the Lord brought their daughter, Liana Grace, into their lives and nothing has been the same.

    In 2000 their love of India and desire to see the unreached of the country worshiping around the Throne brought them to West Bengal. They are currently working among the Bengali Hindu who make up 80% of the 90 million people of the state and less than 0.02% know Christ. The focus of their ministry is discipleship and church planting among adults and children throughout the state. God has blessed the work and many house churches have been established. The Lord used their ministry among the Bengali children to gain them access into the red light district of Siliguri where the vast majority of the women have been trafficked and a large percentage are Bengali. They praise God everyday for the response they are seeing among these women and the small fellowship that has been established in the area.

  • the mcnellis family

    missionaries to the philippines

    We are Trevor and Christi McNellis and our lives were completely changed as a result of going on our first short-term missions trip in 2004. God broke our hearts and instilled in us a desire to serve Him in a much broader sense. After having served on twelve short-term trips, we answered God's call to serve full time in the Philippines! We serve at Lifepoint Church in Antipolo City alongside our national partner, Jermaine Nacion. In 2012 we started a satellite campus of Baptist Bible College Asia where we both teach and Trevor serves as the dean. The Philippines are ripe for harvest and our desire is to partner with nationals in reaching the Philippines, Asia, and the world! God is doing a great work in the Philippines and our call is to reach the lost through church planting, disciple them through small groups, and equip them through Baptist Bible College Asia to reach the rest of the world. 

  • Randy pierce

    vice president of xma

    Randy Pierce sold his business in 2000 to begin full time ministry with XMA. Since then Randy has led over 150 short term volunteer mission teams to dozens of countries throughout Central America, South America, Asia, Africa and Europe. Randy’s current ministry focus is taking the Gospel to unreached people groups in restricted countries of Asia. Randy currently serves as Executive Director and Vice-president of XMA.

  • the tomberlin family

    missionaries to brazil

    We were married in 1961, visited Brazil later that year where I received a call to return. After graduating from Baptist Bible College in 1964, we came to Brazil as missionaries in 1967. Our ministry here has been church planting, building a youth camp and working with youth for 10 years, mini-Bible Institutes in three different interior cities. We also organized and funded the Brazilian Rotating Loan Fund which, in 16 years has made over 75 loans to churches for construction of auditoriums and Sunday School buildings. The fund will be making loans for years because the churches have been faithful in repaying. To God be the Glory!

  • The Walker Family

    missionaries to New zealand

    Ben is a "Missionary kid" that grew up in New Zealand. One of his greatest wins in ministry is to watch people really far from God come into contact with the grace of Jesus for the first time. Raelene is is a fun, outgoing, love to laugh Cali girl that has a deep passion to lead people to be followers of Jesus. After living in New Zealand for 8 years her heart is part Kiwi. Together they hope to witness and be a part of a spiritual awakening within the nation of New Zealand. 

  • the wright family

    missionaries to ethiopia

    Dwayne and Tammy met at Baptist Bible College in 1993. They were married in June of 1995. Over the last 19 years they have served in full time ministry in Oklahoma and Iowa. The Wrights moved to Ethiopia in Jan 2012. They have four children Caleb, Kaite, Josh, and Anna. Their family verse is Nehemiah 6:3, 9 "I am doing a great work and I can not come down...God strengthen my hands for your work"